Sir Robert McAlpine - 62 Buckingham Gate - UK

62 Buckingham Gate is located on the north side of Victoria Street, London. Completed in spring 2013 the landmark building was designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects and delivered by Swanke Hayden Connell Architects.


The innovative prism-like envelope structure, with its unusual angles and non-vertical elements, meant that the facade was the biggest technical challenge on the project. The architectural form of folding planes not only accommodates the complex contextual demands, it also transforms the site into a significant piece of architectural design. To maintain maximum net-lettable area, the perimeter columns are tilted to be parallel with the facade.


The building is designed to achieve an optimum energy balance. The glazed facade incorporates high performance solar control glass, which allows high light transmission while minimising heat gain to the occupied space. The façade’s overall thermal performance specification requirement of 2.2w/m2k was bettered by approximately 20% for the inclined façades and 30% for the vertical elements.


The building is orientated such that the main long façades are located along the east-west axis. One of its long façades faces north, minimising the impact of solar heat gain on the exterior envelope. Energy calculations indicate that the building has a net cooling load, resulting from the floor plan depth and occupancy levels.




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